Features Provided:

Input Fields

Text, Textarea, Dropdown (Data from foreign table), Status, Image, Radio (Unlimited options), Checkbox (Unlimited options), Date, Time, Multi-select.


Add, Edit, View, Delete, Multi-delete, Searching, Sorting by field, Pagination, Export csv/pdf, Left join. Search, Sort data from foreign table. User role management, Create modules under roles, Nearly support all type of relations.

Features with Support

The most important features are, you can create one to many & many to many relationships.Unlimited field. You can also generate CRUD with many left join.

Advanced Generatation

Left join. Search, Sort data from foreign table


You can get code for following frameworks: CodeIgniter, Laravel, Yii2, CakePHP and also for Core PHP.


We have selected 6 bootstrap themes integrated. If you need to integrate another admin theme then you can do it easily or ask us to do that in minimum cost.

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